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Energy Education

Empowering the future

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Our commitment to energy education spans kindergarten through career. Supporting effective education programs and initiatives that emphasize science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), and careers in the electrical utility industry is our focus. By fostering student engagement, our communities will continue growing and producing skilled workers that bring new thinking and innovation to power our lives.

One student wearing a hard hat and gloves with group of students smiling in background

School Presentations

Our emPOWER(ED) team brings energy to life in Nebraska's classrooms. From basic circuitry to school energy investigation to career paths, hands-on resources are available for teachers to plug into, with many designed to help them meet science standards.

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Students gathered working on a circuit

STEM Connections Lab

The STEM Connections Lab is a part of our Pathways to a Technical Future initiative that correlates public power workforce skills with student innovation and academic requirements. In 2017, nearly 2,000 students and more than 500 teachers experienced 3D printing, electronics, robotics, engineering and date collection through the 10 lab stations.

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Robotics competition

Robotics Competitions

We are proud to partner with the CREATE Foundation to sponsor the Open Division robotics tournaments across Nebraska. Robotics encourage students from across the state to test their STEM skills and compete with and against the best of the best.

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Students gathered around an energy educator learning about STEM

STEM Resources

Through Pathways to a Technical Future, we strive to provide opportunities for students to achieve knowledge, practical skills, expertise and literacies that will equip them to be successful in the emerging STEM workforce through experiences directly tied to academic requirements.